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FWISD Trustees Elections


Jacinto "Cinto" Ramos Jr.


  • Voting Record:  

    • Summer/Fall 2020 - Votes twice to keep schools closed to in-person instruction while vocally criticizing parents and inciting poor race relations among constituents

    • August 2020 - Votes to increase Fort Worth property taxes 

    • Public proponent of Critical Race Theory in classrooms

  • Quotables:  “Anytime I hear that we probably outta open up and we outta do xyz,… to me that’s code that black and brown can continue to die.” – District Zoom Meeting, July 28, 2020

  • Say What?:  In 2015, he took a group of visiting students from Australia to dine at Hooters with campaign funds.

  • Area Served:  Northside, Diamond Hill, Arlington Heights, Marine Park

  • Major Schools Served:  Northside HS, Diamond Hill-Jarvis HS

  • Notable Funders: 


Anael Luebanos


  • Voting Record: Compromised on In-person School Choice

  • Quotables: 

  • Say What?: 

  • Area Served:  Berkeley Place, Wedgewood, South Hills, Rosemont, Bluebonnet Heights

  • Major Schools Served:  Paschal HS, Rosemont MS, South Hills ES

  • Notable Funders:  


Daphne Brookins



Norman Robbins


  • Area Served:  Benbrook, Ridglea Hills,  Western Hills, Montserrat, Lost Creek

  • Major Schools Served:  Western Hills HS, Ridglea Hills ES, Waverly Park ES


Ashley Paz


  • Voting Record: 

    • May 26, 2015 - Vote in favor of a $55M contract with Thomas Byrne Construction, a contract which was a conflict of interest with a fellow Trustee

    • August 15, 2017 - Opposes approving a separate Finance Committee

    • December 2017 - The Ethics Committee conundrum 

    • December 2018 - Approves budget cuts to Metro Opportunity High School by half 

    • Supported transgender bathrooms

    • January 2019 - Censured by fellow Trustees and sent to governance training

    • Summer/Fall 2020 - Votes twice to keep schools closed to in-person instruction while vocally criticizing parents with name-calling and other unprofessional outbursts

  • Quotables:  “Critical Race Theory exposes how our society was created to be unequal. We (White folx) were raised to know that it’s taboo to talk about race.” Facebook, September 5, 2020. 

  • Say What?:  Fighting with some constituents from Daggett Montessori in 2018, Ms. Paz was censured by the School Board in January of 2019 for using her position to intervene in campus level management… to the tune of about $50,000 after Paz lawyered up.

  • Area Served:  Fairmont, Ryan Place, Oakhurst, Northside, Riverside

  • Major Schools Served:  Carter-Riverside HS, Trimble Tech HS, Daggett MS & Montessori

  • Notable Funders: 

    • Steven Poole, President of the UEA Teacher’s Union

    • Libby Willis