ImproveFWISD is a non-partisan, general purpose political action committee working toward a common goal -- improvement of the school district through:

  • identifying and supporting qualified School Board Trustee candidates for the May 2021 election;

  • holding current and future elected officials and district personnel accountable for student outcomes, fiscal responsibility, transparency and ethics; and

  • provide a network of resources to schools to improve student performance and curriculum.

Follow the Issues

FWISD Trustees Elections

It's time for change! 

Learn more about the issues within our current school board and how to move into the future.


Engage to Educate

We are developing pathways to support and connect schools, teachers, and students with the larger community to improve outcomes district-wide! Stay Tuned!


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Let Your Voice Be Heard


FWISD Board of Trustees:

District 1 - Ramos - Jacinto.ramos@fwisd.org

District 2 - Jackson - Tobi.jackson@fwisd.org

District 3 - Phillips - Quinton.phillips@fwisd.org

District 4 - Brookins - Daphne.brookins@fwisd.org

District 5 - Evans - Cj.evans@fwisd.org

District 6 - Darr - Anne.darr@fwisd.org

District 7 - Robbins - Norman.robbins@fwisd.org

District 8 - Luebanos - Anael.luebanos@fwisd.org

District 9 - Paz - Ashley.paz@fwisd.org

SUPERINTENDENT: Kent.scribner@fwisd.org